PS3 sales soar while Sony records loss

Posted on May 17 2010 - 10:17am by simon

Electronics manufacturer Sony has just announced that it made nearly £300 million in losses during 2009, but sales of the PlayStation 3 console are finally starting to pick up.

To put the figures into context, the year before, Sony’s financial performance was even poorer although prior to 2008 it had not made a loss for nearly a decade and a half.

Sony sold more HD TVs and digital cameras than anything else in 2009, but it did see its PS3 sales jump by three million annually to 13 million in total. Sony also saw its PS3 business make a profit for the first time since its launch, due largely to the fact that it does not have to invest quite as much in producing the hardware as in the past.

The PlayStation Portable did not fare as well as its larger cousin, with sales dropping nearly five million to 9.9 million. PSP games were not selling as well either, although in this case the fall off was less severe.

The PlayStation 2 still saw the lowest fall in hardware sales, despite now being over a decade old, with 7.2 million sold worldwide. The back catalogue of PS2 games is extensive, but sales of new games for the system fell by more than 50 per cent, which is to be expected after such a long time on the market.

Sony has a target of reaching profits of over £366 million this year and the innovations with the PS3’s new Move motion controller will probably play a significant role in this turnaround.

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