PS3 to go 3D

Posted on Feb 18 2010 - 10:12pm by simon

It looks as though Sony is planning to upgrade the PlayStation 3 to make it compatible with the 3D games of the future according to an official announcement. Thankfully current PS3 owners will not have to trade in their existing hardware for a brand new model, as the update will come in the form of a firmware patch.

Speaking in an interview with Pocket Lint, Sony’s John Koller said that his firm was readying the 3D firmware update for a summer 2010 launch. This deadline has been set as Sony is also planning a range of 3D televisions for simultaneous release, allowing for Sky’s 3D broadcasts and the PS3’s 3D games to look their best.

Mr Koller said that Sony had been working on a few 3D titles using the stereoscopic technology for a little while now and that it was confident the planned launch would not be delayed.

In addition to playing 3D games, Mr Koller revealed that the PS3 would offer playback of 3D BluRay movies, although he added that a completely separate software update would be required to enable this feature. According to Mr Koller, no other home console gaming platform will be able to match the PS3 when it comes to 3D for the foreseeable future.

Bringing games into the third dimension is not an entirely new concept, but the current technology is certainly more impressive than any of the more basic techniques that were employed in the past. Sony will be relying on 3D TV taking off in a big way if its 3D games are to make any headway.

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