RIM to go against Apple TV with BlackBerry Cyclone

Posted on Jul 16 2011 - 8:04pm by Thomas Sharp

Recent reports have suggested that mobile phone maker Research In Motion (RIM) is not doing well in the smartphone market and the its BlackBerry PlayBook has problems of unimpressive sales figures, however RIM seem undeterred as a new story says that the company is looking to branch out to a new market: TV entertainment.

According to a report by NerdBerry, RIM is looking to release a new media box, dubbed the BlackBerry Cyclone. The media box will be connected to your TV through HDMI and will have Wi-Fi connectivity for streaming videos. The BlackBerry Cyclone is also reported to support Youtube, Netflix and it will be able to stream content from devices on the same network.

Nerdberry wrote on their website: “We have confirmed with one of our source’s RIM is working on just that a media hub. The media hub’s codename is BlackBerry Cyclone!”

It is very surprising that BlackBerry is looking to directly compete with Apple TV, which did not do so well in the market. Unlike Apple, RIM does not have an online platform where people can purchase multimedia content so they should start working on that.

The BlackBerry Cyclone looks like a bigger version of the BlackBerry Presenter. Reports say that the device will be released later this autumn, and with RIM planning to release seven new smartphones this year, it’s nice to see the company get busy trying to increase their revenues.

Is RIM doing the right thing by branching out into an uncharted territory?

via: Business Insider

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