Samsung E200 Eco Handset

Posted on Aug 15 2008 - 2:28am by Richard Sharp

Samsung E200 EcoIt was made official some time ago that eco gadgets and the tree hugging hippies have gone ridiculously over the top with their latest attempts to make some money out of global warming. The hemp based Lotus Elise was kind of funny except that you just know somebody somewhere will buy it. The latest manufacturer to succumb to the pressure of creating perfectly viable products out of the most ridiculous material is Samsung and it comes in the shape of the mobile phone made of corn.

Unfortunately, the Samsung E200 Eco isn’t much to shout about – unless you enjoy shouting “why did you buy a mobile phone made of corn? What possible reason is there for that?”

This is actually the third phone from Samsung to use bioplastics, at least in part, to create a handset. The previous two of only used the material in the creation of certain components and the E200 Eco is the first to rely on an entire case made of the corn based material.

As with any discerning green gadget it comes in green (the same logic that leads to all Blu Ray devices being Blu presumably). To be fair, maybe it’s a step in the right direction but it’s not going to sell many unless its an up to date phone and Samsung won’t plough the money into creating an up to date phone using ecologicially friendly materials until one sells a lot.

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