Selk Bags

Posted on Aug 15 2008 - 2:03am by Richard Sharp

Selk BagsSpending an evening in a sleeping bag may not be the freezing cold, damp experience it once was but it still has a tendency to lead to a particularly unpleasant evening’s sleep. You have to make the choice of too hot and completely cocooned, unable to move, or too cold but at least having afforded yourself a little ability to move around more freely.

Selk bags are a possible solution but although reasonable tents are almost cheap enough to consider them disposable the Selk bag doesn’t come cheap at £90. It’ll be worth every penny when you need it though, we’re fairly sure of that.

You basically wear the sleeping bag like you would a boiler suit and not only can you wriggle around in it when you’re sleeping but you can get up and walk around. The end of the arms unzip too so that you don’t look like Homer Simpson at work when you’re trying to perform any fiddly tasks.

The hood keeps your head nice and toasty and the entire outfit sleeping bag thing can protect you against temperatures as low as -8.4. Green, brown, yellow, or red are your colour choices and even though you can wear it we don’t envisage too many people turning up to the camp site disco on a Friday night adorned in their Selk bag.

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