Shockolate Shocking Sweet Jar

Posted on Oct 26 2008 - 11:06pm by David Gray

SHOCKALATE.jpgAs we move towards the festive period and all of the excess which that brings, many of us need protecting from ourselves when it comes to our intake of sweets, chocolate and all things fattening. Step forward the Shockolate Shocking Sweet Jar which could be the answer to your dreams (or your nightmares) and might be the best diet pan that you ever got involved in!

This ingenious jar is fitted with a timed locking device, which you can set, resulting in the jar of your favourite sweets being out of bounds for a set amount of time. However, if you fancy your chances at opening the jar before the time is up you will be in for a shock –literally!

Attempts to open the jar while it is locked down will result in a small, harmless, electric shock that will ensure your attempt to get your hands on your favourite sweets or chocolate will have to wait. However, there is also the added bonus that you will be able to protect you stash of sweets and chocolate from prying eyes and restless fingers which may belong to your family and friends!

While the Shockolate Shocking Sweet Jar may sound a little severe, the electric shock is mild and just enough to put off attackers.

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