Sleep on the Job in Comfort with Pillow Tie

Posted on Aug 6 2012 - 8:22am by Thomas Sharp

We’re huge fans of gadgets which aid loafing on the job, you may remember the epic Ostrich head pillow for example. Today we found a neck tie which inflates to become a portable pillow via a friend on Facebook and just had to check out the official website.

Pillow tie, as it’s literally known, is a regular shaped neck tie which is made of a micro fibre and silk material. This comes in all the colours of the rainbow and you can even opt for a stripy design if you like that sort of thing. A sealed inner tube runs the length of the widest part of the tie and inside an inflation tube, similar to a rubber ring or arm band, can be found. You squeeze, blow and inflate your way to a comfy pillow which can lay on your desk or any surface for that matter.

These ties are totally unique, so you can’t go ripping out the inner tube and use it in another tie. You can however use other pillow ties, so only one tube is required should you want to nap on each day of the week in style. But just how much forehead can the pillow handle? According to the website it holds 25 lbs of air which is sufficient enough for the biggest of heads apparently.

Each Pillow Tie costs $19.95, but can ship worldwide which is great news for lazy people all over the world. Which one would you choose?

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