The Jaguar XJ – A World Of Gadgets On Wheels

Posted on Aug 11 2010 - 11:25am by Matt Jackson

Sometimes, adding a car review as a gadget can prove tenuous at best but we do it anyway because we like cars but Jaguar has gone all out to provide us with a car that you can proudly and genuinely call a gadget – in fact, you can call it a whole bucket load of gadgets because the new Jaguar XJ is crammed full of tech goodies that every reader will be crying out to get their hands on.

It’s got probably one of the most ridiculously intelligent dashboards you’ll see in a car for some time. Rather than albeit functional but now old fashioned dials to show speed, petrol level, etc… there is instead a 12.3 inch LCD screen and it’s definitely not a boring affair. When the car desperately needs to tell you something, it will replace certain parts of the display so if you have to be told that your son in the back isn’t wearing his seatbelt your petrol gauge will disappear to be replaced by the graphically represented warning light.

The car itself also has intelligent cruise control. It senses traffic in front of you and corrects and laters your speed accordingly so you can keep on cruising without even having to break a leg sweat.

The dual screen satnav is pretty darn impressive too. The passenger can watch TV while all the driver can see is the satnav screen. There’s a DVD player, a 30GB hard drive for multimedia storage, and you can even burn your CDs to the hard drive while in the car.

DAB radio and iPhone support complete what is one of the most imrpessive collections of multimedia entertainment and connectivity tools available. Most people’s laptops can’t boast that kind of functionality.

Do you want a car with a heated steering wheel and 30GB hard drive for storing movies and music?

Well, you will have to fork out around £65,000 for the privilege but still… 

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