The Stylophone – Retro Music At Its Finest

Posted on Jun 30 2008 - 11:22pm by Richard Sharp

Stylophone - Does Music Get Any More Retro?Anyone for a bit of retro music making? That’s not a euphemism either. The stylophone is an inexpensive little electronic retro musical instrument that was made famous (sort of) by numerous bands in the 70s and 80s. Bowie, Erasure, and even Rolph Harris were known as being particularly skilled stylophonists and you could walk in those particularly heady shoes for no more than £14.99 at IWOOT.

As you might imagine of something of “that” era, the stylophone is devastatingly simple. A small digital display shows keyboard keys and the player uses the stylus pen to strike the notes. Because of its synthesiser make up, it’s possible to create all sorts of funky 80’s sounds.

This version has been updated (phew) and includes bass, synth, and classic sound libraries for your pleasure. You can also choose to go it alone, in solo, or play along to your own mp3 tracks. An immeasurably irritating vibrato tweaker has also been added to really ramp up just how obnoxious you could be. It is definitely one of those instruments that fools the player into thinking that they really do sound like they’re in the White Stripes, and yet heard by anybody else it just sounds repulsive.

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