The Tardis USB Hub

Posted on Jul 11 2008 - 2:35am by Richard Sharp

Tardis USB 4 Port HubEven IT geeks struggle to get too excited about USB hubs (erm, so I’m told) beyond how many ports it has. They’re one of those essential items that you buy when you need one and replace it if it breaks, but the Tardis now that’s a very different kettle of fish. It’s easy for an IT geek to get excited about the Tardis.

The Tardis USB hub puts a little life into one of the most lifeless items on or near your desktop. For reference, it has four ports, but much more importantly it’s styled on the Doctor Who Tardis. Whenever you plug a device into one of the ports (there’s four of them, you know?) the blue light on the top flashes and you get to hear the Tardis noise – interestingly, it’s impossible to write or type a decent description of that noise.

It stands 11cm high (only from the outside obviously, because it’s surprisingly roomy on the inside) and has a lead stretching 140cm. Available for less than £20 it’s a much better solution than attempting to snake your way around to the back of the computer where some half witted designer felt it would be a good idea to place the USB ports on most modern computers.

Oh, and it has four USB ports, in case we didn’t mention that.

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  1. Anne July 27, 2010 at 10:48 pm - Reply

    Hi, just wonder Where can i buy a tardis usb???? MUST HVE IT NOW!!


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