The Zen X-Fi

Posted on Jun 30 2008 - 12:41pm by Richard Sharp

Creative Zen X-FiCreative never quite seems to get it right, certainly not in the world-conquering Apple sense of the world at any rate. Complaints about support mire what is a decent collection of mp3 players, but perhaps a bigger problem is that while the players typically look pretty good, they’re lacking in all of the latest features. Could the Zen X-Fi be about to change that? After all, it is carrying the X-Fi tag now.

According to Engadget, the X-Fi will include wifi connectivity, an instant messaging client, and media streaming. The battery packs a good punch with 36 hours of audio and 5 hours of video playback and it supports a good range of both audio and video files and will include high grade headphones as standard in the box.

The screen is also something of a mystery. The image that includes a list of the features calls it a “large display screen” and Engadget muses that it will be 2.5” display like other Creative devices.

There doesn’t appear to be any details of a release date, almost like Creative are trying to whip up a frenzy about the WiFi connectivity before they commit to anything concrete. Let’s just hope that they can really live up to their name with this series of players.

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