What Could You Do With 1TB Of Hard Drive?

Posted on May 25 2008 - 3:09am by Richard Sharp

Sumvision 1TB External Hard DriveA terrabyte is one of those figures that sound incredible, but they’re just too large to truly fathom. It’s a bit like the prices that Internet companies are being valued at. In reality, a 1TB hard drive is going to offer little genuine use to most of us except that it gives us bragging rights to tell people we’ve got a 1TB hard drive.

You could store 200,000 mp3 tracks, roughly equivalent to every single one of Cliff Richard’s 17,500 albums. If you’re more of a movie buff you could, in fact, store around 1,500 avi format movies (that’s a lot of back up copies in anybody’s book).

I can’t think of a possible reason you would want to but you could choose to hold about 700 copies of Windows XP (without Service Packs installed – that would probably bring the figure down to more like 500) or 70 copies of Vista.

Is there a reason for this seemingly pointless list of figures? Well, surprisingly, there is a dim glimmer of a connection.

Sumvision offers a 1TB external 1TB hard drive at a smidgen over £100. That’s a lot of storage for very little money in our book and we felt it was worth the tenuous link.

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