A Giant Online Space Battle on Eve

Posted on Jul 29 2013 - 8:49pm by Thomas Sharp

It seems safe to say that we all love a giant space battle from time to time. Well, that is exactly what just happened on the 28th of July. A five hour battle was waged in the heavens for control of a number of planetary systems and thousands of ships were involved in the action.

Hang on though, it didn’t really happen, did it? Ah, it was a battle on the Eve Online game. This was one of the biggest ever video game battles in the history of, well, big video games battles. Around 4,000 players took part in the coming together of two different alliances.

A Battle Between Two Alliances

eveThe CFC and the Test Alliance were the groups involved in the epic battle and the game’s time had to be slowed down so that the servers could cope with so many players all taking part at the same time. The game ran at 10% of its normal speed during the battle, so that the servers could track the action as thousands of ships fired on each other at the same time.  If you are familiar with Eve Online then this all happened in the 6VDT region.

Who won? In the end the 6 hours of fighting led to a victory for CFC. The game itself is a highly detailed space flight simulation which involves flying through many different sun systems and finding or stealing the resources you need to carry on.

The destruction of so many ships has a real monetary value, as you can buy the game’s money with real cash. It is expected that the losses add up to tens of thousands of pounds.

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