A Brief History Of The MacRobert Award

Posted on May 13 2008 - 11:56am by Richard Sharp

Severn Bridge Designers - Winners Of The MacRbertThe MacRobert Award is an annual award given to the most pioneering development in engineering over the space of twelve months. As well as the prestige of the award, the winning company also walks away with an impressive £50,000 first prize. The MacRobert Award isn’t for the light hearted or hobbyist though, and showcases some of the finest and most groundbreaking discoveries. Past winners have included:

  • Freeman, Fox, and Partners – the first ever winners in 1969, and joint winners, of the prize were responsible for the engineering behind the Severn Bridge.
  • Rolls Royce – in the same year, Rolls Royce were given the award for creating the Pegasus engine, which was used in Harrier planes.
  • Johnson Matthey Group – first won the prize in 1980 for the development of the catalytic system for vehicle exhausts. More recently, won the award in 2000 for the CRT (Continuously Regenerating Trap) that controls the emissions from buses and trucks.

While the transport and medical industries are the two most popular, in terms of the eventual location of the prize, communications and structural engineering have also played a more significant part in recent years. This years winners will be announced and awarded on 9th June and we have details of the four finalists in another post.

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