Aladdin Challenger Flask

Posted on Dec 30 2009 - 9:07am by Richard Sharp

aladdin_challenger_flaskThough most associate the name Aladdin with the classic story of a boy and a desert, the Challenger Flask from Aladdin is one of the best winter gadgets around if you want to keep your spirits up whilst you are away from the house. Two sizes are available with 1 litre and 1.8 litre capacities respectively and the outside is finished with brushed metal and sturdy black plastic for the handle and base. Its makers boast that the Challenger Flask can keep liquids hot for up to 28 hours, which is an incredible feat of insulation. This means that if you whack some tea or coffee straight in after it has just boiled, you will be able to pour it out over a day later and it will still be a piping hot 60 degrees. The lid has two cups integrated into the design, making it a perfect present for someone who likes to go trekking in pairs. You can even store items in the base of the flask and its makers suggest that you could stick a couple of tea bags and some sweetener packets in to make sure that when you do need a brew it has not been stewing for hours on end. The Aladdin Challenger Flask is a well designed, pleasingly constructed winter gadget that could always keep things frosty in the summer too, so it is not limited in its repertoire to a single season.

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