North Face Audio Jacket

Posted on Dec 29 2009 - 2:04pm by Richard Sharp

north-face-ipod-jacketsThe North Face brand is widely respected amongst outdoor types and they produce a whole range of products for the intrepid traveller to enjoy. But those who want to stay warm in the winter and still enjoy their favourite music will love the Audio Jacket from North Face. This is essentially a rugged, weather-resistant jacket with a trick up its sleeve. Literally. There are controls within the sleeve of the jacket which allow you to skip tracks and change the volume levels of your iPod without having to struggle to pull the actual device from your pocket and then attempt to get your clumsy glove-ridden fingers to make the commands directly. The iPod will stay safe, warm and dry in a ‘media pocket’ the whole time, away from the damaging elements, whilst you can use your hands to keep the tunes coming throughout your adventure. Lads and lasses will find two different versions of the jacket to suit their body types and tastes and if you are looking for something in the North Face line then these could attract your attention with their versatile use.

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