Apple to Build an Integrated Projector into future Macbook Pro?

Posted on Apr 16 2011 - 1:53pm by Robert

More Apple patent news has got the gossips’ tongues wagging and the rumour mill rolling.

The latest is a cracker it has to be said, and if you every fancied using your PC / tablet / phone as a projector then maybe, just maybe, the guys at Apple are working on something which could be right up your street. But then there is also a good chance that they aren’t. Let’s have a look at and see what it is all about then.

The technical description for the system is “display system having coherent and incoherent light sources”, but we are going to keep on calling it a projector anyway. It seems to be a laser based projector and while it could be a standalone device there is mention in the patent details of other devices having one built in and a laptop with projector is clearly mentioned.

The device is said to reduce the speckle problem seen on other projectors and it has been suggested that it could also be a cheaper and more power efficient alternative to other models of projector currently around.

This isn’t the first time that Apple has filed patents around projectors and started up a whole lot of rumours about what they are or aren’t planning to build, so it looks as though the best bet could be waiting to see what, if anything, develops in the weeks and months to come.

Does the sound of an Apple device with a built in projector sound exciting to you?

Via: UberGizmo

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