Backpack doubles as booster seat

Posted on Mar 16 2010 - 10:16am by simon

If you have young children, or have ever had to look after some during a car trip, you will be well aware of the necessity of booster seats to keep them safe and strapped in tight.

Now a new gadget has been created to turn children into snail-like carriers of their in-car protection, taking the burden from the parent and giving the kids a fun place to store their travelling accoutrements as well.

The BoostApak is an interesting concept that combines a comprehensive booster seat with a portable backpack for the kids’ trinkets and toys.

When it is folded into its seating position, it provides full support for the back of the child, as well as keeping them snugly secured by the car’s seat belt.

The BoostApak can then be folded away completely and has a couple of padded straps on the underside to make it comfortable for the smaller wearer. The styling is vibrant and the practicality is obvious, so kids will be sure to enjoy carrying their booster seat with them, as well as having a place to hoard treasures and keep a juice carton.

The creators of BoostApak say that the gadget is suitable for kids between 4 and 11 years of age and when it is released in April of this year it will be an exclusive to the UK market. If it catches on, there is no doubt that the technology will hit international markets to provide the same benefits for parents the world over.

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