First prices for home 3D specs

Posted on Mar 16 2010 - 1:22pm by simon

Sony has released details and prices for its first range of glasses that will enable home cinema lovers to view their favourite films in 3D. You will still need a 3D-ready TV set and a Sony Blu-Ray player with 3D playback in order to enjoy the benefits of this emerging technology.

Sony is planning to package the active shutter 3D glasses with its LX900 Bravia television. This will be the only one of its 3D-ready TVs that will offer support for the new format straight out of the box, although wrangling over standardisation is still ongoing and it could be some months before this is settled.

If you happen to live in Japan, you will be able to buy the new active shutter specs individually and a price of around £90 has been suggested for the retail models. Since the LX900 will come with two pairs, a group of four people will need to fork out nearly £200 more if everyone wants to enjoy the 3D experience.

What makes the LX900 different from its other 3D-ready siblings is that it has the necessary emitter already built-in. If you want to get the active shutter specs synchronised with the 3D image using other Sony 3D Bravia models, then you will need to buy a separate emitter for another £30 or so, which increases the price of the package even further if you don’t want to pay for Sony’s top of the range model.

There is no official UK launch date set, as yet for Sony’s 3D-ready Bravia range, but with Sony’s rivals already revving their 3D engines, we should not have too long to wait.

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