CBS Interactive launches the Star Trek PADD app for the iPad

Posted on Jul 13 2011 - 2:22pm by Thomas Sharp

CBS Interactive has released the official Star Trek PADD for the Apple iPad. The app was designed to provide Star Trek fans with an interactive database that houses information about the show. The app uses a reproduction of the LCARS interface from the show Star Trek: The Next Generation and it enables users to search or browse through a database with information on ships, aliens, technologies, places and episodes.

The PADD (Personal Access Display Device) was first introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation, where it enabled the crew of the USS Enterprise to bring up important information at a touch. The PADD also has a handheld unit that resembles the iPad.

It is pretty exciting and interesting to find an Official Star Trek PADD app on the iTunes App Store. The app allows you to follow links to browse through its contents, read updated information from the show’s official Twitter and Facebook pages, and run “diagnostic modes” on the USS Enterprise.

What is great about this app is that there’s plenty of reading material for the hardcore Trekkie. Also, the episode guide is listed alphabetically and has all five series listed.

However, the App Store stated: “The official Star Trek PADD app database does not include all information within the Star Trek Universe. We will continue to update the database as information becomes available.”

You can buy and download the Star Trekk PADD app from the Apple App Store.

via: Cnet