Digital Golf Range Finder

Posted on Jul 6 2008 - 12:46am by Richard Sharp

Digital Golf Range Finder - Honestly Officer, I Was Trying To Determine The Distance To The PinTo most of us, a caddy is little more than bag that holds your clubs, because we don’t enjoy the luxury of a professional caddy – somebody to pass you the right club, inform you of the hazards, give you the distance, and advise on your next shot. For us, we have to calculate distances from ball to hole using the traditional measure; “it’s quite far” or “that’s miles away”.

The Digital Golf Range Finder, which costs less than £20, calculates the distance from where you stand to the pin by using trigonometric calculations, or something. Anyway, because it knows the height of the flag, the Range Finder can then calculate your distance from the flag according to how small it appears in the range finder.

With a range of about 460 foot it should be useful at the local pitch and putt, at the very least. We suppose, although, haven’t tested it (yet) that it could be used for calculating artillery fire and the like during a water fight. Regardless of secondary uses, though, you’ll never have to guess how far away the hole lies and you won’t have any excuses for landing short or over hitting it.

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