The On/Off Mug – The Perfect Morning Companion

Posted on Jul 6 2008 - 12:56am by Richard Sharp

Why Are THey Pouring Cold Coffee Into The On/Off Mug?There’s little more annoying than typing away, or reading your book, and reaching across for your mug of coffee only to take a sip and find it’s gone below a reasonable drinking temperature. It can take another mug or two to take away the oddly nasty taste. Well, fret no more for the On/Off Mug will save you that indignity.

When you fill it with Columbia Rich Roasted extra strong first thing in the morning the mug will turn white but as it gets cooler and cooler, the mug will return to its dark brown colour. We guarantee it won’t be long before you have the equivalent of a Dulux colour chart stored in the annals of your brain. You’ll know exactly what colour mug you should avoid.

Just in case the colour changing is to subtle a difference for you, and I suspect that’s probably true for the majority of us when we need to race our first two coffees of the day down, the mug has an extra little hint for you. The word ON is emblazoned down the side when it’s hot and OFF when it’s cold – in all honesty, we’re not sure why they couldn’t use slightly more meaningful words like HOT and COLD but there you go.

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