Email Flood Warnings From Fujitsu

Posted on Jun 1 2008 - 3:32pm by Richard Sharp

Fujitsu Flood WarningsPicture the scene – you log onto your computer and start checking emails. Having sifted through 23 offers of “male extension products”, numerous notifications of having won the Azerbaijan online lottery, and ignored the Nigerian doctors that would like your bank account details to forward you tens of millions of dollars, you find one email that really stands out.

“Flood Warning”

According to ZDNet, Fujitsu has been providing the Floodline Warnings Direct system for a few years now and alerts those services that need alerting when a flood is imminent. Not only has that contract been renewed but concerned individuals will be able to register by the end of the year for an online warning service whereby they receive email alert notification of impending doom.

The FWD System has already proven successful – by utilising Fujitsu data centres and systems, relevant people and organizations can all receive instant warnings. Prior to the introduction of this system, it was necessary for the Environment Authority (EA) to contact all the relevant parties manually and, for the most part, individually.

It’s estimated that around 5 million people in the UK live in high flood risk areas and that the early warning system has proven invaluable already.

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