Gin and Titonic ice cube tray

Posted on Dec 7 2008 - 6:05pm by David Gray

TITONIC.jpgThis Gin and Titonic ice cube tray is somewhat bizarre and possibly not to the taste of everyone. However, if you feel your gin and tonic with an ice cube looks fairly bland and uninteresting you need to take a look at the Gin and Titonic ice cube tray which offers some interesting alternatives for the modern-day ice cube!

While it does not take a genius to recognise the connection with the Titanic, this novelty ice tray can produce 4 icebergs and 4 ocean liner shaped ice cubes for that novelty finish to a simple gin and tonic. The icebergs and the ocean liner ice cubes are very realistic and liven up a drink of gin and tonic which you may be serving to your friends and family.

The ice cube tray is made from soft, food safe synthetic rubber which also ensures you can pop the ice cubes into your glass with no trouble. Quite why this novelty ice cube tray appeals to us we are not sure but it is certainly something a little different and something which will catch the eye of your guests during the festive period.

So now you can watch the Titanic go down every time you serve a drink of gin and tonic with this bizarre but rather appealing Gin and Titonic ice cube tray!

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