Moon Cosy

Posted on Dec 6 2008 - 6:01pm by David Gray

MOONCOZYO.jpgWhile the Moon Cosy looks like one of those strange gowns which some people wear it is actually one of those gadgets which we need and would use but perhaps don’t want to admit it!

In simple terms it is an oversized soft fleece blanket, the kind you would use when lying on your sofa or couch, but rather than trying to stop the blanket slipping off you as you sleep this little beauty has loose fitting sleeves allowing you to hold the blanket in place. As well as keeping you warm, it will also allow you to use your hands to grapple for that TV remote control without actually getting up.

How many times have you been lying comfortably on a chair only to realise you have left the TV remote control on the floor, the paper on the chair or you need to get up to grab the phone? With the Moon Cosy all you need to do is sit up with your hands through the loose fitting sleeves, do what you need to do, then sit back down again without having to correct the blanket.

While perfect as a gift for a child or another member of your family, the Moon Cosy could well be a godsend for an older person who maybe feels the cold at night. As the cost of living continues to rise and heating bills hit record levels save yourself some money with this strange looking yet surprisingly practical Moon Cosy.

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