Harpenden Girl Nearly Had The Party To End All Parties

Posted on Sep 20 2010 - 4:44pm by Matt Jackson

A 14 year old girl nearly had the mother of all parties after mistakenly posting an open invitation to everybody on Facebook. over 21,000 guests responded in the affirmative stating their intention to visit the girl’s house just for the party. Even the clean up party, which has been set up since, has attracted 80 guests. Following the mistake, the girl took the invitation down and is probably worrying exactly what will happen on October 7 which is when the party was set to take place.

Police have been informed of the party, the open invitation, and the fact that the invitation has been removed and the local force have said that they will patrol the area on the night to ensure that nothing untoward happens.

Once the event had been removed a replica was added, in the usual Facebook vein, although this one did not prove anywhere near as possible with a handful of people accepting. However, another event arranged for the day after which was supposed to be a clean up party has attracted 80 guests.

Facebook comes under virtually constant scrutiny for its allegedly over complicated privacy policy. In the case of creating events, there is a tick box to click which says that “anyone canview and RSVP” and the girl had ticked this box. When this occurs, people in the local area and a larger spread in some cases view the event and then respond stating whether they will attend or not.

Police will be patrolling the area on the night to ensure that the original guest list doesn’t turn up and swamp the girl’s house and the local Neighbourhood Sargeant Lewis Ducket said that they have been assured the party will no longer be taking place (we imagine she won’t be having parties for quite some time now).

Ever accidentally invited the whole country to your birthday party?

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