iCatchi Plugs a Gap in Your Gadgets Headphone Jack – Looks Cool

Posted on Mar 4 2011 - 11:58pm by Thomas Sharp

We have often said that some of the most impressive gadget accessories are the simplest ones and this little headphone accessory fits that profile perfectly. We spoke with the inventor of iCatchi to understand a little more about the product and he explained how the product was born.

“The product was invented after I experienced problems with my iPhone 3G after putting it in my gym bag. Some fluff or lint got in the headphone jack hole and tricked the phone into thinking that the hand frees function was activated or headphones were plugged in.”

We have known guff and fluff to get stuck in the headphone port before but never heard of a phone with fluff or vapor lock before; we wondered how common a problem this was. George continued, “I had to take my phone to an Apple store where they blew compressed air in to extract the offending material, however they had no products to prevent it happening again, I also found that it’s quite a common problem. Hence how the product was invented and then extended to allow corporations, clubs and associations to advertise their brands/logo’s”.

So we can see the benefits for protection but actually feel that that’s not the main strength of the iCatchi. These things are a great marketing tool either for businesses or for individuals, what do I mean by this? Well firstly individuals can personalize their phones easily and businesses could promote their brand by emblazoning their logo on one – we can definitely see business giving this away at promotions events and venues.

George confirmed our thoughts, he said; “The reaction[to the product] has been mixed, however the majority have been very positive. There are a number of large corporations currently reviewing the product/samples and its applications, without mentioning names, our largest local telecommunication carrier, a couple very large European car manufactures, one of the world’s largest fast food franchises to name a few!!”.

So we could be seeing this in restaurants and car dealerships in the near future, if you are interested in the iCatchi hop on over to their website where they can be purchased for $6.95 with free international shipping.

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  1. j3xt3r May 12, 2011 at 11:17 pm - Reply

    While the icatchi might be a good idea the company seems to be willing to insult potential customers by listing their Union Flag item under the caption "England", a complete slap in the face for those of us with Scottish and Irish heritage.
    Please email and or boycott this company and their product until they rectify this cultural slight.

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