International Women’s Day Google Doodle – Join us on the Bridge

Posted on Mar 8 2011 - 12:32am by Richard Sharp

March 8th 2011 is the 100th International Women’s Day and Google has gone all out to help people of the world celebrate women’s achievements and support worthy causes with a brand new Google Doodle and a splash page showing global events entitled ‘Join us on the Bridge’ that you can attend today (keep reading to attend ours in Bristol, UK).

The Doodle


Attend our virtual event

As the title would suggest these events will take part on some of the most famous bridges from around the globe, the idea came from from Rwanda and The Congo where groups of women meet on bridges to show strength between two groups facing challenges in war torn countries. The Join us on the Bridge campaign draws from this tradition and this year is set to be the biggest one yet.

Google lists the Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge and Millennium Bridge in London. Although these are all major landmarks other bridges close to your home can and hopefully will be used, Google has made it very easy to join or set up an event using an interactive Google map that can be accessed by clicking on today’s Google Doodle.

The page even includes an ‘event toolkit’ which includes both printable and online materials from promoting and running events, alternatively just take them along to an event that has already been set up.

Another nice touch is that users can set up a ‘virtual meet up’ where friends and family can meet up for an event; this is perfect as most of us will have to work tomorrow. We’ve set one up for the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, join and support virtually during anytime today – the more the merrier.

Why Take Part?

International Women’s Day stems back to the early 1900’s when a National Day was set up in the United States, thankfully other countries followed suit and in 1911 the very first International Women’s Day was held. Although the annual event has raised awareness of women’s struggles in recent years it has been noted that the profile of the day has dropped despite an increasing need to support worthy causes around the world.

Australian entrepreneur and women’s campaigner, Glenda Stone said “A decade ago International Women’s Day was disappearing. Activity in Europe, where International Women’s Day actually began, was very low. Providing a global online platform helped sustain and accelerate momentum for this important day. Holding only a handful of events ten years ago, the United Kingdom has now become the global leader for International Women’s Day activity, followed sharply by Canada, United States and Australia. 2011 will see thousands of events globally for the first time.”

The official Google page lists various charities under categories including empowerment, economic security, education, equality and leadership, health and safety and security. All are extremely worthy causes and users can donate to them directly through the Google page.

So join the celebrations, support the cause and spread the word about International Women’s Day.

Source: Google

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