iPad launch tomorrow

Posted on May 27 2010 - 8:59am by simon
The iPad is launching in the UK tomorrow, the 28th of May, after high demand in the US caused its release to be put back until Apple had enough units to support an international roll out.
The iPad was sold to over one million customers after it arrived in the US last month and its sales figures are still going strong, with about 200,000 being sold every seven days.
The base model of the iPad, which supports Wi-Fi connectivity, but not the 3G networking necessary for mobile broadband access, will be priced at around £429. Rumours suggest that it will only be available at PC World and Currys when it first launches due to a 60 day exclusivity contract, although it will of course be a feature of Apple’s flagship high street shops.
The 3G version of the iPad, which will be more expensive than its Wi-Fi only sibling, is becoming a bit of a battleground gadget for the UK’s mobile broadband providers. Each has been trying to undercut the other with a new announcement about data plans and contract deals, although now it looks as though 3 could have stolen the day with its £15 monthly deal that has a 10GB download limit for heavy users.
The iPad is playfully described as an oversized iPhone by many observers and it will use an enhanced version of the operating system that powers Apple’s mobile phone. However, its larger screen, more powerful processor and impressive array of software features make it an attractive alternative to rival netbooks and tablet PCs.

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