iPhone 5 to be a Sprint exclusive?

Posted on Oct 4 2011 - 3:39am by Julius

According to a report from tech news site Boy Genius Reports (BGR), Sprint is expected to get the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 exclusively from Apple. BGR’s “incredibly solid industry contact” said that Sprint, and only Sprint, will get the fifth-generation iPhone at launch.

The website said that the iPhone 5 will be a 4G WiMAX device, and rival mobile carriers Verizon and AT&T will release the iPhone 4S and will have to wait before they get the smartphone some time next year as an LTE device.

A separate report from the Wall Street Journal claimed that Sprint has agreed to pay the Cupertino tech giant $20 billion for 30.5 million units of iPhones over four years.

“I don’t think an iPhone 5 on Wimax for Sprint makes sense,” said Jack Gold, an analyst at J. Gold Associates. “I don’t know why Apple would put out a Wimax phone when it won’t play in many other markets in the world. At this point, Wimax is pretty much a lost cause in the U.S. for smartphones. I can’t see Sprint going anywhere with Wimax as a competitive threat.”

Apple news site 9 to 5 Mac has released a photograph of what appears to be a Radio Shack inventory that shows a Sprint iPhone 5, a Verizon iPhone 5 and an AT&T iPhone 5. The website did say that the source of the photo is a new one, which means that it could be a fake.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be unveiled on Tuesday at Apple’s media event in Cupertino.


via: BGR

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