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Posted on Sep 4 2009 - 9:25pm by Richard Sharp

LG watch phoneDick Tracy fans are rushing in there hoards to the nearest Orange shop to get there grips on the LG Watch Phone, if you haven’t got one it’s probably already too late.

There is something very appealing about watch incorporated gadgetry; Ian Fleming found the idea one to elaborate on hence James Bonds’ series of handy timepieces.

Over the years the humble wrist watch has undergone many technological advances from the incorporation of chronographs, digitalisation and a multitude of alarms and stopwatches. Likewise the mobile phone has immerged to be one of the most rapidly advancing gadgets on the market from the introduction cameras, Bluetooth and voice recognition to touch screen, internet and lord knows what multitude of apps available. Now the two have become conjoined in a very welcome and long overdue fashion.

Initially obvious scepticisms of such a relationship spring to mind, can a wristwatch / mobile phone combo work? Can it really look and perform as both a phone and a watch at the same time? The answer to both these questions is a resounding yes. The LG Watch Phone is not only stylish, elegant and comfortable, its usability and function is of top draw calibre.

The touch screen I am reliably informed is both smooth and responsive allowing easy menu browsing and typing. Bluetooth synchronisation is quick and simple. An all round cool bit of kit the LG Watch Phone has surpassed my expectations, will it yours?

Available exclusively to Orange, released in august and limited numbers mean it may be too late to get your hands on this head turning timepiece.

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