Maggie T Nutcracker

Posted on Oct 11 2008 - 8:38am by David Gray

maggie_t_nutcracker.jpgSo what is the Maggie T Nutcracker ?

Love her or hate her there can be few figures in UK politics that have remained in the headlines for as many years as the famous or infamous Margaret Thatcher. She came to power as the first lady PM of the UK but she seemed to have more balls that the rest of her cabinet put together!

Now you can check if she really was as tough as they all said, as strong as an ox with this Maggie T Nutcracker. Can you imagine sitting around the table come Christmas and you have just opened a bag of walnuts for the family, “but how can we crack them?” is the cry….

Simple, place a walnut between Lady T’s thighs, squeeze her legs and you she will literally crack open the hardest nut you can find – no change there for the First Lady of UK politics.

So whether you support Labour, the Conservatives or any of the other political parties in the UK there is an appeal to everyone. She cracked the miner’s strike, she cracked the Unions so why not grab hold of your very own Maggie T Nutcracker and let her crack your nuts for Christmas!

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