Man Builds Replica Lamborghini Reventon From Sheet Metal

Posted on May 22 2011 - 8:26pm by Richard Sharp

A Chinese Lamborghini enthusiast has taken a beat up Nissan A31 and created a replica of the super exclusive Lamborghini Reventon supercar. Remarkably he did all this with some sheets of metal and a lot of help from three local welders in just twelve days. The whole project cost £8,478, over £900,000 cheaper than the super exclusive Reventon.

Asan, a hairdresser from Kunming, took his 1995 Nissan A31 and a scale model of his dream car and created this insane home mod from a small workshop with meagre tools and knowhow. The resulting car includes all the air-damns, scoops, edges and even the same doors seen on the Reventon, granted its not a perfect copy but a fine effort all the same. The only thing the team didn’t build was the engine which was sourced from a Lambo RB25.

At this stage Asan is trying to raise funds to paint and finish his dream machine and then will hopefully gain the required documents that will allow him to legally drive it on the streets. Until then he will no doubt sit back, safe in the knowledge that he has built the most exclusive copy car in the world.

Judging by the photos it’s having the desired effect in the local neighborhood, let’s just hope he’s fitted a decent car alarm.

What do you think of the project?

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