Apple Stores Use iPad 2 Tablets for Smart Sales Signage

Posted on May 23 2011 - 11:56am by Richard Sharp

Last week Apple celebrated the 10 year anniversary since the first Apple stores opened, at the time the term ‘Apple Store 2.0’ was banded around and low and behold this week sees the unveiling of new features, namely smart signs.

Apple has taken the iPad 2 and transformed it into a rather expensive, yet clever point of sale signage. They have placed the second generation tablets next to other products instead of the more traditional paper signage used previously. This allows the point of sale material to be frequently updated and means customers can interact with it to discover more about products and pricing.

The Smart signs placed next to the iPhone 4 allow users to explore different networks and their associated costs whilst the smart signs next to the iPad 2’s display information about, um, the iPad 2.

Apple has also built in a new way to call Apple store associates over using the smart sign, simply hit the specialist tab and the question ‘would you like to talk to a specialist?’ pops up. Hit yes and a message is beamed to all specialists on the shop floor who can acknowledge that they are on the way using their iPhone consoles. This is then beamed back to the customer with the specialists name.

At this stage its unknown whether the software powering the new smart signs is a bespoke app or a dedicated intranet, the home button has been disabled so it would seem the latter is a possibility.

Have you seen the new smart signs yet? Let us know what you think below.

source: Mac stories

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