Microsoft rumored to launch a new music service

Posted on Feb 21 2012 - 5:53pm by Thomas Sharp

With the continuing growth of music streaming services, Microsoft is rumored to be working on a similar service of their own to bring music to its products.

CNET reported this week that software giant Microsoft is under negotiations with a number of record labels regarding a music service similar to Spotify, Pandora, MOG, Rdio and other subscription services.

“Negotiations are still in a preliminary stage and the two sides have yet to drill down into all the specifics, the sources said. Nonetheless, Microsoft has roughly outlined a service that it hopes could launch sometime this year and include streaming music as well as downloads, the sources said,” reported CNET.

The website said that it is still unclear how the new service will differ from the company’s Zune Music Pass, which is available to subscribers of Xbox Live. It also said that Microsoft did not comment on the report.

According to the website, Microsoft’s online music forays in the past were not really that successful, but record labels might welcome the chance on Xbox Live, with its 40 million worldwide Xbox Live subscribers, as well as on any new Windows phones.”

The website added that Microsoft already possesses music licenses since it already operates the Zune Music Pass. It added that there is a possibility that they are considering upgrading the company’s music store to serve mobile devices, which was a move made by Google with its Google Music.

Will this move make Microsoft a big contender in the music streaming service and give Apple and Google a run for their money?


via: Web Pro News

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