Millionaires’ mini-sub launched

Posted on Apr 16 2010 - 8:17am by simon

A miniature submarine aimed at the super rich has arrived. The Nautilus VAS Luxury Submersible is packed full of the latest kit as well as some home comforts to keep the guests entertained.

Recently it seems as though everyone with a few hundred million in the bank is being enticed to take to the waves in some way or other. Richard Branson’s submersible plane turned up a few weeks back and now this far more sedate mode of underwater transport is offering an alternative look at life beneath the surface.

The Nautilus VAS is rather more traditional in its design than the other high-tech submersibles, looking akin to something from an old sci-fi movie rather than a multi-million pound plaything. In fact you might recognise the name as reminiscent of a vessel piloted by the fictional Captain Nemo.

The manufacturer behind the Nautilus VAS says that it has been made to a military standard on the outside, but inside they have crammed in a hi-fi system and a small bar area, which is distinctly opulent.

Both the front and sides of the Nautilus VAS are dotted with large, circular viewing ports, giving the occupants a good look at what is around them.

The Nautilus VAS is set to cost about £1.75 million, which is rather more than most people could ever hope to afford. But if you happen to consider this amount mere pocket change, then the romance and adventure of the underwater world can be yours to view at leisure as you sip on a martini and listen to some Sting.

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