Nintendo’s next handheld to get 2010 release

Posted on Jan 19 2010 - 4:02pm by simon







Speculation is building around rumours that the next handheld console from Nintendo is going to be announced at some point this year and could then be set for a swift release. Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata has already provided some interesting nuggets of information, saying earlier this month that motion sensitive controls and improved graphics would be a must on the next-generation DS.

Mr Iwata did not get specific as to release dates, although he did say that unlike the DSi and DS Lite, Nintendo would not simply be updating a current console but creating an entirely new platform.

Industry analyst Jesse Divnich is the person pushing the idea of a 2010 announcement for the new handheld. According to his research he anticipates that within the 8 months Nintendo will be bringing the first official news of the sequel to the DS and then six or seven months after that the device will actually arrive.

Mr Divnich supports his findings with various theories, including the fact that piracy is currently compromising the DSi. As a result, Nintendo needs to update its handheld console in line with the home consoles and current generation mobile phones by offering a wireless download service.

Whilst these rumours should not be dismissed out of hand, there is little official evidence to back them up aside and some simply interpret them as wishful theorising. However, given that the current DSi has not received any major upgrades to its basic capabilities other than a couple of cameras, it is not unreasonable to assume that Nintendo is gearing up to unleash a more powerful handheld in the near future.

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