Full colour ASUS eReader unveiled

Posted on Jan 18 2010 - 12:16pm by simon

asus ereaderManufacturer ASUS has released details of a brand new eReader that it intends to launch this year, although the specifications are not quite what some had expected. ASUS was conspicuously absent from the eReader element of the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but this announcement more than makes up for it.

The new device will feature a 6 inch screen that uses OLED display technology. To the uninitiated, this means that there is no independent backlighting, as each organic LED emits its own light, which saves energy, slims down the product and produces a much better picture.

It had originally been reported that ASUS would be producing a monochromatic eReader similar to the Amazon Kindle, but the announcement of this OLED device, which is tentatively called the DR-570, suggests that ASUS is aiming even higher.

The DR-570 will have integrated Wi-Fi and 3G networking connectivity, allowing for wireless downloads of books and magazines. Its manufacturer also claims that on a single charge the device will provide for more than 122 hours of average use.

ASUS has said that it intends to get the DR-570 out on the market before the end of 2010 and you may be concerned that the price of something so high-tech might be a little too steep for the average consumer. However, given that ASUS has a reputation for producing high quality, low cost goods and can be credited with starting the netbook phenomenon with its EEE PC, the DR-570 eReader may well enter the market at an attractive price point.

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