HP Microsoft Windows 7 Slate PC News From CES

Posted on Jan 7 2010 - 3:39pm by Richard Sharp

hp slate







The new HP Slate powered by microsofts Windows 7 got a suprisingly muted response during its launch at CES las vegas. People where impressed with the look and idea of the product but where somewhat dissapointed that it was using a standard version of windows 7. I think people where expecting a new operating system for a new device. That said I think the slate is good looking piece of kit and one that a giant like HP will have great success with.

The slate concept bridges the gap between smart phones and notebook computers. Current notebooks are great but are not as user friendly as a smart phone. They take longer to boot up and are more cumbersome to carry around, they can also be easily broken. On the other hans smart phones don’t have the capacity or screen size compared to notebook.

This is the first product of its kind and certainly paves the way for the future. Apple are set to launch their competing product at the end of the month and all eyes will be on them to raise the bar again. I think this will be a huge product for 2010.

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