“Revolutionary” Motion Sensor Game Controller

Posted on Jun 26 2008 - 12:37am by Richard Sharp

The Original Gametrak - A Fairly Serious Looking Piece Of KitIt’s difficult to fathom how In2Games can claim that their new motion sensing controller is revolutionary, bearing in mind that it does pretty much exactly the same as the Wiimote does. However, it’s not for the Nintendo Wii and apparently it tracks movements in 3D space. Erm, yes, in real 3d space.

British company, In2Games is calling it the Gametrak Freedom (the controller formerly known as Gametrak Fusion), presumably because it tracks gamers movements and allows for complete freedom in game worlds. Of course, whether it actually works quite as intended is a matter that remains to be seen.

On a positive note, though, In2Games has described it as being “the most advanced motion gaming system ever created”. It’s funny that they never say things like “it’s just like all the other products out there” or “it’s a copy of the one on that other system that made somebody millions”.

As yet, we’ve no idea of whether it will be for the Xbox 360, the PS3, or perhaps versions for both but the first games it will work with are miniature games called Squeezeballs. Hmm, that doesn’t particularly interesting as yet, so hopefully it’s one of those technologies that will improve over time.


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