The one button TV remote

Posted on Oct 12 2008 - 7:09pm by David Gray

singlebuttonremote2_440_x_322.jpgSick of trying to fathom out exactly which button does what on the TV remote? Or is one of those vital keys broken? Never fear, the one button remote control is now here and will allow you couch potatoes out there to spend a little less time trying to find the right button on this new style remote. So how does it work?

The new controller is easy to use, simply turn the dial on the controller and point it at the TV as you would a Wii controller. By simply moving the controller left and right, up and down you can easily select channels and change the volume. One button, a smaller controller and the chance to master your Wii controller skills at the same time, what more can you ask for?

Thank god that someone has actually taken the time and the effort to introduce this new style controller to the masses. The more traditional TV remotes have been getting more and more complex and confusing more and more people. But not this little baby!

Available in striking orange and black colouring, the one button remote could well catch on as it really is so simple to use. How long before you throw the old controller out of the window?