The Rainbow in my Room

Posted on Oct 13 2008 - 11:03pm by David Gray

rainbowinmyroom.jpgEvery now and again we see new and exciting gadgets come to the market, items which are a little different, unique and more importantly you are likely to be the first to have one in your area.

The latest item to fall into this category is the ‘Rainbow in my Room’ projector which actually recreates the affects of a rainbow in your room. We have all tried to chase the rainbow, to get the pot of gold at the end but while the chase may be over we have still to find that pot of gold!

The gadget uses an array of multi-coloured LEDs to project a cascade of colours all around your room, bringing with it a calming mellow sensation which can actually be very useful for those looking to distress. While the product is aimed at the older end of the market it will literally have appeal to all age groups. Perfect for pyjama parties, New Year’s Eve parties and general fun times the Rainbow in my Room brings a little something different to the room, something very unique.

The Rainbow in my Room uses AAA batteries and has an auto shutoff mechanism which ensures that there are no safety issues.

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