The Philips Sex Toy – Yes, Sex Toy

Posted on Sep 15 2008 - 12:41am by Richard Sharp

The Philips Warm Intimate MassagerIt may be considered something of a strange and even unlikely move but Philips, the name we most often associate with lighting and televisions, are moving into the ahem… adult massage industry and are aiming to drag it shaking and vibrating out of the gutter and into the mainstream by releasing their Warm Intimate Massager through outlets like Amazon, Selfridges, and Boots.

Apparently this makes all the difference to the discerning couple – the Intimate Massager is non penetrative and instead relies on a rubbing motion to do its job and deliver its payload. Philips is hoping that this method of marketing their first range (yes, we said range, for there are two) will attract the middle class couples that might typically steer clear of adult shops.

The Warm Intimate Massager offers a single rubbing action while the slightly more hardcore extreme version, the Double Intimate Massager has a dual rubbing action for twice the pleasure. Obviously, it’s something of a risky move from a company like Philips and you have to wonder whether the potential gain (we’re guessing that the market is still a limited one even if the Intimate Massager does bring sex toys out of the gutter) is really worth the risk.

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