The Razer Switchblade Demoed Playing World of Warcraft

Posted on Jan 7 2011 - 12:23am by Thomas Sharp

The possibilities for a different type of gaming experience are just about to be expanded by the big gaming firm Razer and their mobile 7 inch Switchblade device, which has been unveiled at the CES 2011.

It is described as being a mobile PC games machine and uses a multi touch screen, intelligent interface and tactile keyboard to give you a top quality experience. The machine is driven by the Intel Atom and aims to give you a full PC bag of thrills on a portable console. One game which is being shown on a lot of the early announcements is World of Warcraft.

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The Razer CEO, Min Liang Tan, spoke of the company’s high hopes of porting the “full mouse and keyboard experience” onto a smaller device. A clever use of two touch screens, the lower one of which (where you would expect to see a conventional keyboard on a laptop) houses the dynamic, tactile keyboard, certainly makes for a good start.  

Opinion among those who have had the chance to see the device and its specs is a bit mixed, and the fact that no release date or estimated price has been made available means that it is hard to pin a label on this one.

It certainly looks good, the idea is sound and it could be just what gamers all over the world are waiting for. The question is whether it will appeal to PC gamers looking for a more portable, small scale option or for those who already use portable games machines and are looking for a step up to a new level of performance and interaction. The device’s big task will be to avoid falling into the cracks between these two markets and end up satisfying no one. If it avoids this could it be the new gaming sensation of 2011?   

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  1. Michael Martine January 7, 2011 at 1:23 am - Reply

    Holy shit that is awesome! The screen is still small, but still, that looks like the best portable WoW machine I've seen.

    I'd love for Razer to have a full-size desktop keyboard that does this!

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