Vizio 21:9 Ratio Closes in on True Cinema Widescreen

Posted on Jan 7 2011 - 12:06am by Richard Sharp

CES is full of huge TV’s, most featuring 3D, we wrote about the Mitsubishi 92 inch 3D behemoth earlier because it has been causing quite a stir.

The other hot news on the HDTV front came from Vizio. They are bringing out two different 21:9 ratio sets this year. One of these wide models is 50 inches and the other is even bigger at 58 inches. That might sound too impressive after we looked at the 92 inch model above but it is still more than enough screen for more people I would think.

The reason why many people might be tempted by these 21:9 ratio televisions which make up Vizio’s Cinema HDTV range is that they are better matched to the ratio most movies are shot in. This means that they are probably ideal for you if you watch more films than TV programmes.    

Now the big question is probably whether your budget and your living room are big enough for one of these monster tellys?

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