Toshiba L300-13S Laptop Review With Specification

Posted on Nov 1 2008 - 10:53pm by Richard Sharp

Toshiba l300 13s laptopAs you may know Toshiba are getting a bit of a reputation for building great laptops (Okay they have always built great laptops) but this l300 range has really shown what they do best – build quality laptops at an affordable price.  Granted they are not the cheapest (but the cheapest is not always the best), but you still get a lot of machine for your money.

The Toshiba L300 13s has a dual core processor. The AMD Turion Dual Core RM-70 is a 1.9 GHZ processor that has a quick 1600 MHz front side bus with 1 MB cache.  This processor is more than man enough to run most programmes on its windows Vista operating system. It can cope with multi tasking with ease which is important in today’s modern and quick moving environment.

Another important component in any laptop is the ram – the more the better and this Toshiba packs 3 Gigabytes of it. This is plenty to run windows vista and nearly any other application simultaneously; ideal for people who like to work, surf the internet, play music, video or games all at the same time (hey some people can multi task – not me!). This laptop can is suitable for most games, we have played world of warcraft with no problems at all. This is mainly due to the ATi Radeon 3100 Graphics card which is capable of developing over 768 MB of video memory (shared). This is pretty good for a laptop in this price bracket.

The l 300 13 s has a 160 GB hard drive which is plenty of room for the person on the move.  To give you peace of mind and even more space they have included a duel layer DVD writer so you can copy all of your files to cd or DVD (either single or double layer).

Toshiba have also thrown in a few added extras which don’t usually grace a laptop of this price.  They have included an integrated webcam with face recognition which is actually pretty good. We used it on MSN and yahoo with no problems at all.  The web cam was bright and responsive and was certainly better than earlier models.

The laptop has 3 USB ports, a 15.4 Brightview screen and is wireless enabled so you can surf the internet without having to plug in any cables. The laptop has blended old school black with modern silver to create a unique looking laptop.

All in all we feel you would be hard pressed to find a laptop of this spec at this low price again. It honestly is a really good deal and you get that brand name!

Full specification:

  • AMD Turion Dual Core Processor RM-70
  • (1.9GHz, 1600 Mhz, 1MB Cache)
  • Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium
  • 3GB memory
  • 160GB hard drive
  • 15.4″ TruBrite Screen Size
  • ATi Radeon 3100 Graphics card
  • Built in Webcam
  • Wireless Enabled with face recognition
  • Silver/Black Colour

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