Wi-Fi on the move with Proxicast Cell-PAK 3G HotSpot

Posted on May 2 2009 - 8:58pm by Richard Sharp

gi_0_cellpakcoke500Getting mobile internet connectivity for a laptop on the move is now relatively simple with the advent of the dongle. However what do emergency services and major businesses in war torn or disaster areas do when there is no means of wired communication? Wireless communication equipment manufacturer Proxicast have developed the solution with the Cell-PAK. This compact, heavy duty 3G cellular router provides a mobile communications centre whatever the location.

Clearly for domestic situation this is not useful product but for a business this could be critical for providing a much needed internet service in the event of a disaster whether natural or manmade. The uses for industry however are not confined to emergency situations this product will provide internet connectivity for locations where a conventional router is not possible or should there be an interruption to power and wired communication services.

Some of applications that the Proxicast Cell-PAK could potentially be used for are Humanitarian Aid and relief services, emergency mobile medical operations, site construction and engineering works, backup service for conventional wired internet connections, disaster management zones and relief effort services, emergency services including police and fire brigade services and emergency vehicles. In fact the uses for the Proxicast Cell-PAK are almost endless, no matter what business or industry the downtime implications to services and the incurred costs in respect of lost revenue are astronomical, by keeping one of these portable high speed cellular broadband packages to hand the financial effect on any industry can be minimised.

The Proxicast Cell-PAK provides over twelve hours of continuous high speed wireless communication service from one battery charge. Proxicast Cell-PAK has a 12 volt battery, AC/DC adapter included, crushproof , impact resistant, water resistant, cellular long range and Wi-Fi high gain antenna, LCD battery level meter, multiple LED charging status, continuous operation possible can also be recharged whilst operating.

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