WordPress 3.2 Release Candidate is Available Now

Posted on Jun 14 2011 - 3:51pm by Richard Sharp

Automatic, the guys behind the insanely popular blogging platform WordPress have announced that the new WordPress 3.2 has come out of Beta and is now available as an official ‘release candidate’.

Basically this means that developers can get hold of a copy to ensure their themes, plugins and everything else WordPress related works with the new version. This also allows Automatic to iron out any kinks or bugs in the system before it is released to the public later this month.

When the final version is ready it will bring a whole host of new features to WordPress blogs. Automatic says that the entire system will be much faster, an aspect that is important for users and search engines alike. There will also be a new ‘distraction free’ visual editor which allows bloggers to get on with writing without the extra clutter that is usually on the dashboard.

As browsers have progressed so has WordPress, the new version will come with an exciting new theme entitled 2011 and will no longer support internet explorer 6. Although all other browsers should now play nice, WP call this ‘browse happy’.

If you are interested in the new release candidate take a look at the official WordPress site,  there is even a link to download the update (just don’t use it on a live blog).

Do you use WordPress, and if so are you excited about the upcoming release?

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