WP7 to Receive Angry Birds and Developers Given Free Reign

Posted on Feb 26 2011 - 12:19am by Richard Sharp

Microsoft will be hoping that they can get over their recent update saga by bringing a plethora of games from other platforms to Windows Phone 7. Early adopters who have grown frustrated with the lack of big name titles will get an influx of game including the wildly popular Angry Birds which has topped gaming charts both on the Apple and Android app stores.

Other games that have been confirmed include Doodle Jump, Plants Vs Zombies, Sonic the Hedgehog, Geodefence and Hydro Thunder Go. The official launch date for all of these titles on WP7 has been pencilled in as 6th April, so not long to wait and after Microsoft undoubtedly rolls out a few updates and fixes to its OS.

This will mean gamers will be able to link their WP7 phone with their Xbox 360 Gamer tag which will enable syncing of scores, updating of leader boards and of course achievements. At this stage prices for each of the apps are unknown but we can’t see them being very different from the current prices on iOS or Android.

Another piece of WP7 news is that developers will now be able to submit up to 100 apps, this is twenty times more than the previous 5 app limit. It is clear that Microsoft wants to increase the speed at which their app store is growing and so long as quality is not sacrificed it seems that upping the limit is the logical way of doing it. However many people are worried that it will result in a form of ‘app spam’ diluting the apps on offer.

So one piece of good news and one piece of news with mixed feelings, what do you think about the WP7 announcements?

Via: ThinQ

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