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Posted on Apr 3 2011 - 3:14pm by Richard Sharp

Early this morning we wrote an article about today’s Google Doodle which celebrates the 119th birthday of the first ice cream sundae. Although the doodle links to a delicious dessert its not the only link bloggers are talking about as Google’s next Android OS is also called ice cream, perhaps there is a hidden message that the next version of Android is just around the corner?

The ice cream sundae was first served by New Yorker Chester Platt to a local church minister; the two came up with the name as it was served on a Sunday. Other people suggest that the sundae was actually invented when a truck full of ice cream collided with a syrup container, hmm – we’d go with the first piece of history.

Android 4.0 – Ice Cream

At this stage the name ice cream is still pure speculation, Eric Schmidt has previously revealed that the next version of Android would begin with the letter I and because all previous versions have been named after tasty treats – it seems the most likely name is ice cream.

There is a whole host of rumours surrounding Android 4.0, some feel it could merge the tablet based Honeycomb OS with Gingerbread so that tablets, smartphones and even Google TV can all play nicely together with the same features.

Doodle Linked?

Google Doodle could just be a genuine celebration of the ice cream sundae, it is after all one of the first times the 4th April has fallen on a Sunday since Google started playing with Doodles on a large scale. However it’s certainly a big coincidence, we could be hearing some interesting news from Google towers this week.

Either way we would like to wish you a happy ice cream sundae day.


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